Cure the Vegas Hangover!

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ROCKSTAR IV offers an array of services for prevention and promote well-being in such a stressed filled world. We take pride in all of our practice areas with expert medical staff to assist with all patient needs. Here at ROCKSTAR IV we believe in the true nature of a natural approach to boost energy levels in order to maintain a consistent and active lifestyle without hassle. With our vitamin mixed solutions, it can be used to cure a Las Vegas Hangover or it may be that you are in strong need for Hydration or it could just be that you only need a dose of Las Vegas Vitamin Therapy for your busy lifestyle or post-workout. Our licensed medical professional mix the needs of each client and administer the therapy by either coming to you or are available in our 24/7 clinic.

IV Therapy is an infusion of liquid vitamins, minerals and other nutrients safely administered directly into the blood stream by a professional medical staff member. It is the fastest, most efficient and effective way to provide the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your body is craving after an intense workout or a Las Vegas Hangover. This specialized therapy allows nutrients to be absorbed faster and at a higher concentration than in typical supplements to help maintain proper hydration and energy levels. IV therapy may be used to help correct electrolyte imbalances and treat dehydration, acute and chronic conditions and much more...

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