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Las Vegas Athlete IV Therapy

Are you sore after an intense workout to the point of muscle aches and cramping? Do you stretch to try to relieve the acid buildup in the muscle? Do you want to burn some fat and build more muscle? Everyone wants to look and feel good and with the Athlete cocktail mixture, it’s not only hydrating to knock out the aches and cramping, but it’s also loaded with BCCA; a branched-chain amino acid. Dieting can lead to muscle breakdown and this is where BCCA comes in, particularly leucine.

Leucine stimulates protein synthesis and maximizes fat loss along with an active lifestyle. Restoring your hydration and electrolytes are key to minimizing downtime away from your favorite workout but BCCA is a bonus to seeing the results you work so hard to get and this is what amino acids can do. Go after what you want!

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