Cure the Vegas Hangover!

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CUre the Las Vegas Hangover and Recover with Rockstar IV and Vitamin Therapy

Are you hungover? Do you have the Flu? Are you exhausted from a graveyard shift? Are you feeling run down? Food Poisoning? Jet lag? With our combination of Electrolytes, Myers Cocktail, and Vitamin C, you will experience complete results in about 30 minutes. This package is ideal for a Las Vegas Hangover or even exhaustion from a graveyard shift, the flu, or just feeling run down because of your tight schedule. The boost in electrolytes combined with vitamins will make you feel your best and Hydration is key in eliminating all of the toxins out of your system relieving you of nausea, headaches and a fever.

IV hydration is the best way known in the medical community to restore the body’s balance and detoxing your body is key to allowing your body to regain its natural vitamin and electrolyte levels. It’s the difference 30 minutes can make in order for you to feel like you again.



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